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"Why should I reward the pregnant woman for bringing one more life into the world?"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Why should I reward the pregnant woman for bringing one more life into the world?"
That was what this ugly commuter said when asked to give up his seat to a pregnant woman.

so disturbing and nausiating.

Today, I was in the NEL train at 7pm fully crowded. A couple behind me were fondingly mildly, urk.... they just couldn't wait till they were off the train.. it's like they knew they were gonna end their relationship once they get off the train so they need to fulfill every need of their's in the train!...

then there was a 3 generation indian family, grandmama, son and grandson abt 3-4years old. nobody offered them any seats! then only then when there was a seat... some woman went to snatch when the little boy was walking up to it, only to return back to the dad feeling sad. I as an onlooker, felt so pissed, and yet confused if I should tell the woman to get the hell up. It was like watching a scene in titanic where a family was so helpless during the sinking... disgraceful... I feel even more disgusted when I myself did not help. Well it is their right to not give up the sit... hmm. okie maybe I should try doing asking ppl to give up their seat when I'm with a friend, like that maybe I'll feel more comfortable knowing my friend will back me up if I kena scolded... Sooooooo whosever taking train with me... be prepared for a battle!!

Taylor Hicks - Levon

Friday, December 12, 2008

Levon wears his war wound like a crown
He calls his child Jesus
`Cause he likes the name
And he sends him to the finest school in town

He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas day
When the New York Times said God is dead
And the war's begun
Alvin Tostig has a son today

And he shall be Levon
And he shall be a good man
And he shall be Levon
In tradition with the family plan
And he shall be Levon
And he shall be a good man
He shall be Levon

Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Such a wonderous true song

Westlife - My Love (Coast to Coast)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I miss the old westlife...


Monday, September 1, 2008

the other capsule, taking our pics. perverts .heehee

me taking from the capsule

sharon's hand heart

sharon's hand heart + ugly dove like hand = ahhhh!!!!

JJ - (the miracle in process?) and I . Do notice his head is twice as big as mine. hee
Best Man, Best PERSON, and ah jie

ah jie and i

best shot ever

NIE library's other side view

view from the library

my lappy with the beautiful view... it was gonna rain

NIe's project runway. my group's model

my room's view of the outside world

my name tag from the old school

the place where my butt and head rested

toy museum that i got cheated into going

this is the only public picture of Walt Disney

zoomed in of Walt Disney

Friday, August 1, 2008

school is starting on monday and I am STRESSED OUT!!!!!! 9 modules people! NINE! N-I-N-E! okie.. just breathe....... hooooooooooo.... confusing, messy, last minute and irritated I feel now... I'll be fine after watching Friends. hur... okie to destress for 1 minute, here's a cute picture that I saw and laughed about. hahaha...

cute baby

Take 5 - Never had it so good

Saturday, July 5, 2008

YILI!! I found the video! 1998 they were a short live famous boyboy band. I was P6 and crazy abt it. Back then, I guess mtvs were badly directed, and Macdonald's hairstyle was SO in...